Both public and private companies require highly specialized communications counsel surrounding special situations. These can include corporate crises, litigation, and related — often unforeseen — developments that threaten public perception of an organization. Perry Street works with clients in all phases of these engagements, from contingency planning through active management of a special situation, to ensure the support of customers, employees, communities, shareholders (as appropriate) and other key stakeholders.

Crisis Communications

There’s nothing harder to impart than bad news and no tougher time to do it than in a crisis. Judgment, speed, and experience are at a premium. Whether it’s managing media and investor communications related to litigation, product recalls, or investigations by government agencies, Perry Street can help minimize the damage of unwelcome news, handle the pressure and urgency of crises, and implement programs to protect the reputations of its clients.

Litigation / Regulatory Support

High-profile legal battles are increasingly waged in the court of public opinion. Helping the media see a multi-faceted legal issue from a particular vantage can be a key component of success. At Perry Street, we have a track record of working closely with in-house and outside counsel to craft and execute appropriate communications programs that distill complex litigation arguments into messages that are memorable and resonate both inside and outside the courtroom.

State of Play:

A Dallas-based real estate development firm had worked for several years to secure permits, partnerships, and the financing necessary for an innovative — yet controversial — project in Irving, Texas. As the construction phase approached, opponents significantly ratcheted-up their efforts to stall or defeat the project completely.

Strategic Approach:

Perry Street’s first priority was to mitigate the damage from a coordinated media attack, encompassing both print and broadcast outlets. This effort included efforts to correct biased coverage before it aired, as well as leverage our client’s website and other resources to communicate directly with key stakeholders deemed vital to the project’s success. At the same time, we worked with other members of the media to expose the opposition effort as deeply flawed and enlisted our own supporters to write editorials and lend their voices to the effort.


In the initial stages, the relentlessly negative media appeared to have carried the day, as a chorus of opposition to the project steadily grew. However, with a spotlight on the ulterior motives behind the opposition campaign, and our clients’ own media and education efforts, the tide steadily turned. Critical support from the City Council and Mayor held steady, and the development effort continued apace.