We live in an age when social and traditional media are converging to exert influence as never before. Yet all too often companies and organizations are ill-prepared to harness these resources in a manner that can mean the difference between success and failure. At Perry Street, we work with clients to develop public affairs programs that utilize media engagement, direct advocacy and public opinion marketing to influence key decision-makers and promote business objectives.

Issues Management

Issues Management refers to the gap between an organization’s actions and stakeholder expectations. Perry Street brings a thoughtful, research-driven approach to identifying the public policy and reputational issues that can lead to these gaps. We then work with clients to develop a communications strategy that galvanizes stakeholders and supports business objectives.

Coalition Building

Organizations confronting complex business and public affairs challenges often benefit from coalitions. However, engaging, managing, and harnessing the power of a coalition requires a common strategy and shared message – not to mention successful execution. Perry Street works with clients in these situations to assess the value of a coalition, establish a network, and execute in support of a common cause.

State of Play:

CDEM – a leading civic and economic development corporation in Mexicali, Mexico – served as lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to halt construction of a new irrigation canal along the Mexico-California border.  Citing harm to the Mexicali Valley from the new canal, CDEM sought to complement its litigation effort with a public affairs campaign to build public support for its cause.

Strategic Approach:

Perry Street executed a public affairs campaign to support CDEM’s objectives by:

  • Recasting the debate.  Built as proposed, the canal would have decimated the regional economy and spurned illegal immigration when the US Government was seeking to curb this vexing challenge.  Perry Street’s communications strategy framed the issue as an immigration and safety matter, rather than a controversy about water.   This played a key role in attracting attention from third parties – most notably, the media.
  • Building grass-roots support.  Perry Street orchestrated an alliance with the CURE Group, a California-based think tank promoting innovative approaches to resource management.  The partnership entailed direct political outreach resulting in access to key decision makers. 


Perry Street’s communications campaign elevated CDEM’s cause from an obscure regional conflict to a subject of international discourse impacting both sides of the border – building awareness and support among key constituencies along the way to advance our client’s interests. 
Specific results included:

  • front-page coverage in The New York Times
  • key coverage in The Los Angeles Times and regional daily newspapers  
  • published editorials carried in The San Diego Union-Tribune
  • prominent television appearances