Effective financial communications requires experienced insight critical to bridging the gap between a client’s business performance and share price. Perry Street brings a strong track record of maintaining investor interest, ensuring the appropriate valuation of shares, supporting equity and debt offerings and executing a successful M&A deal.

Transactional Support

A company’s relationship with its key stakeholders is particularly vulnerable amid significant corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, unsolicited acquisition proposals, and corporate restructurings. At Perry Street, we bring extensive experience and skill to these situations, working with management and other advisors to ensure that critical audiences – including customers, regulators, employees, the media, local communities and others – understand and support the rationale driving the transaction.

Investor Relations

A successful investor relations program requires a level of clarity, precision, and regulatory compliance distinct from other forms of corporate communication. At Perry Street, we work with management to articulate a range of vital data and messages, from a company’s intrinsic value and prospects for growth to its underlying investment rationale. The Firm also has extensive experience counseling companies through initial public offerings, sensitive financial disclosure challenges and earnings surprises.

State of Play:

Across myriad engagements, Perry Street has worked with clients confronting “bet the company” moments: acquisitions, proxy fights, restructurings and related milestones. In one representative assignment, a NASDAQ-traded client was taken private by a private equity consortium. Perry Street was retained to manage all communications activities related to the transaction, including outreach to employees, customers, investors and other key stakeholders.

Strategic Approach:

Perry Street developed a communications strategy in support of the transaction that included three distinct phases: Pre-announcement, Announcement Day and Post-Announcement. We developed tailored communications programs for each phase, ensuring preparedness, compelling messaging, and sound execution from the commencement of the transaction through closing.


Perry Street worked collaboratively with our client’s internal public relations professionals to build trust and credibility for the transaction. This included direct engagement with the local community concerning the transaction’s impact while convincingly marketing the proposed valuation and underlying rationale to shareholders, who subsequently (and overwhelmingly) approved the transaction.