Perception isn’t everything, but it’s often the most important thing. A company’s reputation is, in effect, the outward expression of its core values. Perry Street provides counsel to ensure that messaging accurately and consistently reflects these values in order to instill, and then preserve, the trust and confidence of employees, investors, customers, the media, and related stakeholders.

Media Relations

The media can be an unreliable messenger, but it is an undeniably important one. When managed appropriately and harnessed effectively, the media can bolster a company’s credibility and provide positive exposure. How can you shift public opinion? How do you get the attention of The Wall Street Journal or, perhaps just as importantly, manage unwanted attention? The successful leveraging (and occasional avoidance) of media is critical to a business.

Over the years, Perry Street Communications has established working relationships with reporters and editors at key business publications, who are as appreciative of our prudent, conservative approach to media outreach as our clients are pleased with our results.

Internal Communications

Employees can be a company’s most powerful and effective ambassadors, yet they are also increasingly discerning. The old “top-down” paradigm has been rendered obsolete as employees turn to a multitude of sources to form opinions about their employer’s business strategy and prospects for success. Perry Street works to harness the power and influence of this critical stakeholder group through experienced internal communications counsel and an understanding of the information channels that impact employee engagement.

State of Play:

A NYSE-traded financial services Firm with a storied history confronted a unique challenge in early 2008 as it emerged from a series of acquisitions. The Firm’s name was well-known, yet investments in new service lines and new leadership were creating vastly different — and substantially larger — market opportunities. From a public relations perspective, the charge to Perry Street was to develop a positioning program to elevate the Firm’s corporate profile, while developing and executing distinct programs for each of the Firm’s main service lines.

Strategic Approach:

Working collaboratively with the Firm’s Head of Marketing, Perry Street developed a media relations program to: (1) highlight the Firm’s senior leadership; and (2) develop targeted, aggressive media campaigns for specific service lines. Perry Street began by helping the Firm launch a campaign that gave voice to the Firm’s Managing Directors through real-time news monitoring and timely participation in developing stories. This media-centric effort was complemented with "controlled" tactics such as white papers, frequent client alerts, and related thought leadership efforts.


In the first full year of the engagement, our client achieved a 3-fold increase in total media exposure. This included appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and the placement of op-eds in, among other publications, Forbes. Our counsel also included planning and execution for the Firm’s investor relations program, as well as executive communications efforts.